Zoeken en

Our attractive apartment hotel is situated in a unique location. It borders the national park ‘Dunes of Texel’, and is next to a forest and close to the beach, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Either on foot or by (rental) bike, ATB or car.

The villages Den Burg, Den Hoorn en De Koog are nearby and the famous lookout tower ‘Fonteinsnol’ is 150 meters away.

The Koenen Family
Bos en Duin is run by the Koenen family. The hosts, Rob, Jorrit and Lieke, together with their outstanding team of staff members, will make sure you will fully enjoy your stay in the apartment of your choice.
Robin and Marlies are the proud and dedicated owners of the restaurant BOSQ on the premises. The stylish ambiance combined with contemporary cooking and the ‘casual dining’ atmosphere guarantee a wonderful experience.

• Unique location adjacent to a national park
• Centrally located on the island
• Small family complex
• Apartments for 2, 4 and 6 people
• Free WiFi
• Bicycle rentals
• Ping-pong table, trampoline en playground equipment
• Some apartments are pet friendly
• Free parking
• Breakfast buffet (or the option to pre-order freshly baked rolls)
• Renowned restaurant “BOSQ”
• ATB-route nearby
• Close to lookout tower ‘Fonteinsnol’


Bos and Duin has a long history. In1928 the location already had a small hotel named ‘Bosch en Duin’, situated on a sand path. Many renovations and additions later, this resulted in the building we now call “Building A”.

In 2007 Bos en Duin added 6 new and luxurious apartments, “Building B”.

Restaurant BOSQ is well known and highly regarded on the island and is bustling all day long. You are welcome for lunch, a sumptuous dinner, a delightful high tea or for drinks and appetizers.
The restaurant also offers a delicious and varied breakfast buffet.